Speaker-Controlled Variability in Connected Discourse: Older adults

A research project funded by the ESRC

We propose to gain a comprehensive account of older people’s speech production and perception in situations involving communication with another individual. Adults with age-related hearing loss and the rarer group of older adults with normal hearing will be included as well as younger adult controls. This project should lead to a better understanding of the effects of ageing on speech communication and of the various contributing factors to potentially degraded speech communication in a population of ‘healthy aged’ individuals. These benchmarks will be of use for practitioners such as speech and language therapists and audiologists who work on aspects of communication with older people who have health complications. Importantly, this research will also contribute to our basic understanding of speech perception and production development across the lifespan.

Administrative Details :

Title: Speech communication in older adults

Grant Period: August 2014 – July 2017
Grant Award: £324,432
Grant Reference Number: ES/L007002/1
Investigators: Valerie Hazan (PI), Jeesun Kim (Co-I), Chris Davis (Co-I)
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External Collaborator:

Outi Tuomainen

Doug Brungart