Speaker-Controlled Variability in Connected Discourse: Children

A research project funded by the ESRC

How do children and teenagers adapt their speech so that they can maintain good communication in challenging listening environments? Are they able to modify their speech specifically to counteract the effects of different types of noise or interference? Are there differences between how adults and children/young people achieve this? What does this ability depend on, and how does it develop? These are the questions addressed in this research project.

Administrative Details :

Title: Speaker-controlled Variability in Children’s Speech in Interaction

Grant Period: June 2011 – May 2014
Grant Award: £307,179
Grant Reference Number: RES-062-23-3106
Investigator: Valerie Hazan
Research Associates


External Collaborator:

Michèle Pettinato

Outi Tuomainen(from 1 November 2013)

Ann Bradlow

Interview of Valerie Hazan speaking about this research